Real Estate Broker | Bradenton, Florida

We buy homes for cash! And we specialize in buying homes that are in poor condition, have structural or environmental issues (mold), or are otherwise unfit for the general marketplace. Most homes which are in a neglected state will not qualify for a mortgage. Therefore, 90% of the home buying public is unqualified to purchase your home. 

We buy homes in any condition and we never have contingencies! Take advantage of our quick and easy closing and get your cash in as little as 2 weeks. We purchase your home ‘As-Is’ and you are required to make no repairs or warranties of any kind.  

Be confident in your decision to sell! We are a licensed Real Estate Broker and a licensed Contractor. We utilize a local law firm to close the sale and the closing process is open and transparent the entire time, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the sale.

Call today to learn more about our process, how we obtain a value opinion on your home, and the many ways selling your home directly to a Real Estate Broker can save you thousands! 


“I became aware of James Adkins when he purchased the house next-door to me that was in foreclosure. He renovated/updated it and made it attractive and sold it shortly after it was put on the market. All the neighbors were impressed. That’s why I contacted him when I realized I could not update my own house and put it on the market for sale within the time period I needed. James looked at my house, said he was interested, suggested I get an independent appraiser, and then we negotiated the purchase price. He worked with his lawyer who was able to close within a short period of time. I am very pleased. This was perfect for my situation. James was professional, courteous, and trustworthy. I recommend him for whatever your real estate situation may be.”

~ Candace C., Bradenton, Fl