Real Estate Broker, Property Manager & Contractor
 Bradenton, Florida

Adkins Florida Group is a licensed Real Estate Broker & Licensed Contractor in Bradenton, Manatee County, Florida. We specialize in Residential Real Estate Brokerage, Quality Home Renovations & Property Management. Please click on the tabs above or the listings below for more information on our products and services and, as always, feel free to give us a call anytime!


James, Christina & Jim


“I became aware of James Adkins when he purchased the house next-door to me that was in foreclosure. He renovated/updated it and made it attractive and sold it shortly after it was put on the market. All the neighbors were impressed. That’s why I contacted him when I realized I could not update my own house and put it on the market for sale within the time period I needed. James looked at my house, said he was interested, suggested I get an independent appraiser, and then we negotiated the purchase price. He worked with his lawyer who was able to close within a short period of time. I am very pleased. This was perfect for my situation. James was professional, courteous, and trustworthy. I recommend him for whatever your real estate situation may be.”

~ Candace C., Bradenton, Fl